Beach Babes Screensaver


Hot women, heavenly beaches and your desktop


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Beach Babes Screensaver allows us to establish a series of high definition pictures of beautiful and lightly-clothed women on the beach as our computer's screensaver.

The screensaver consists of a series of photographs with light animations which appear as waves on the breasts and butts of the women in question, attributes with which they are all well-endowed and which they put at full disposition of the screensaver.

To accompany the images, of course, we have matching music that, although may be able to provide a nice ambience, can still rapidly be deactivated as soon as it starts to become a drag.

Beach Babes Screensaver is a very 'attractive' screensaver that will be very much liked, especially by the male public... and anyone in general who enjoys a nice couple of hot ladies.
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